In our Client hybrid mobile app, there is a need to show the advertisements of one Amazon kit randomly in the middle of the home screen/page posts like the advertisements on facebook wall screen. If the user wants to see more related kits, the user can tap on view more kits button under the random kit.  

Mobile App Development, Hybrid App

The user click on the random kit to open the kit information in a separate window as shown.

Hybrid app development,Mobile APP development

More info related to ad on wall:

when user click on the view more kits, the user will be taken to the next screen to show all recommended kits.

Mobile app Development,Hybrid App Development

Notifications in wall feed:

If a user create a group then a notification is posted to all his friends. This notification is displayed on the friends wall in the middle of the feed.

Mobile app development,Hybrid App Development

Author: Ramanji

Web developer at colors software