Roles in the app:

There are two types of accounts in our Client hybrid mobile app, that we developed for our client. Namely
     parent &
Users with age greater than 13 can only register in the app and has access to many features and are treated as parent or stand alone user. Kids with age less than 13 can’t register/singup in the app.

Session problem:

In that case user/kid approach their parent and parent can create child account after login into the app. In such situation where parent is login and kid account is created, SessionId issue is coming up.

Multiple sessions in same app solution:

App42 was supporting the custom code in java using which we solved the session problem. We implemented the code in java and that .jar file is imported into the app42 backend customcode service. This way we resolved that issue and child account created successfully using the customcode service.


Author: Ramanji

Web developer at colors software