Basic facebook app features & implementation:

After user login to our Client app, user is taken to home screen. In that screen user can see the user profile, friends icon, group’s icon, open family profile and new post.
  • Below the friends, groups, family ribbon bar, goal of the day is displayed like ‘what’s on your mind‘ in facebook.

Hybrid Mobile App,Mobile App Development

  • In the middle of the wall posts, the user recommended kits are displayed randomly based on users profile. The server side intelligent code pushes the random advertisements / kits that user may like based on their profile, posts, interests and browsing history.

Hybrid mobile app development,mobile app development

  • On the wall along with the recommended kits, all friends posts containing videos images, text status messages are displayed. These are pulled from the storage service on MBaas platform.

Mobile app development,Hybrid App Developement

  • Status messages, videos and images can have like, comment, favorite and share buttons like facebook, below posts on the wall.

Mobile App Development,Hybrid app development

Hybrid app development for MVP:

All of the above features, facebook like app, implemented in hybrid app using web development technologies, which will reduce the cost of app making by half. Hybrid app development chosen as the client wants the app to be developed in less budget, as this is going to be a MVP. 


Author: Ramanji

Web developer at colors software