1-on-1 Live chat using AppWarp:

In our client mobile app, our Client, Live chat is implemented which has one on one chat feature and group chat feature.

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The Chat App is developed using the v1.2 of HTML5 SDK of AppWarp. v1.2 involves the major changes in the listener pattern, instead of objects, functions are used to listen to the events. Also from v1.2 you can only define listeners that you want to use instead of declaring all listeners as was done in previous releases of SDK. One of the major changes is also the introduction of AppWarp namespace. All the functions, constants and classes are defined inside ‘AppWarp’ Namespace. The WarpClient is a singleton class, so you must use getInstance() to get the instance.

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Chat ,Hybrid mobile appChat,hybrid mobile app developmentChat rooms,hybrid mobile app

Group chat app

Group chat feature in the app, is developed by using storage service in App42. Users, send and get the text messages from group members using  storage service API’s.
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Quick chat app and simple UI:

Chat is a very nice feature to have these days, as many of our clients keep requesting us to integrate chatting feature into their apps. We do this quite easily by integrating these SDKs. As this is a hybrid app, this library is quite useful and appropriate to work on this kind of chat UI.


Author: Ramanji

Web developer at colors software