Why to choose WooCommerce platform to develop ecommerce and m-commerce development website very quickly..

  • If you want full control over your website.
  • Easily we can develop out other portions of your site that is not in ecommerce.
  • You no need to pay monthly & transaction fees of an integrated ecommerce platform like Shopify or BigCommerce
  • If you want to start small and build out your site as you grow.
  • You don’t plan on having a complicated payment processing system at first (ie, you’ll be using PayPal, Amazon or Google Wallet, not processing payments on your own server). WooCommerce works perfectly fine on SSL, but again, you’ll need that expertise to implement it properly

Main Features:

  • Bundled with payment gateways … PayPal and Cash on Delivery.
  • Options to offer free shipping or flat rate shipping.
  • Reporting on incoming sales, reviews, inventory levels and general store performance.
  • Configure tax settings with tax classes and local tax rates.
  • Marketing campaigns (discount options, usage limits, product/user restrictions, etc.).
  • Built as a WordPress plugin and available from the wp-admin of your site.


  1. It’s Free – One of the greatest benefits of WooCommerce is that it is free. This toolkit will make selling products online very easy, and it will not cost you a thing. All you have to do is download this plugin, and you will have it in just a few minutes.
  2. It’s Familiar – WordPress supports millions of websites today, and you have probably had experience with it before. Since WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, past users of the platform will easily be able to figure out how to use it.
  3. Professional and customizable – Many free apps and plugins turn out not to be up to standard. This is not so for the Woocommerce plugin. It is professional and standard and it can be easily customized with a variety of themes which can also be further modified for color variety. This would ensure that at no time is your ecommerce site looking like what you could find on a hundred other sites.
  4. It’s Very Secure – The great thing about WooCommerce and its POS is that it is regularly updated, so you do not have to worry about any security issues. Since it is updated on a regular basis, it will always be compatible with newer versions of WordPress and will not experience a lot of bugs.
  5. Large community support – WordPress has a very large community, which is also enjoyed by the Woocommerce plugin. A large community support especially for an open source software such as Woocommerce ensure that bugs and other problems are easily weeded out. The WordPress community has millions of users and thousands of active participants on hand to give you advice.

Cons :

  1. WordPress updates their software frequently – Updates to the software are required in order to keep the WordPress platform up to date with the current browsers and mobile devises and ahead of malware and virus attacks. However, sometimes the plugins aren’t as quick to adapt to the WordPress updates, which can leave you with plugins that don’t operate the way they should or at all when you update your website.
  2. Content doesn’t always look right – When you make updates to your site yourself through the visual tab, it doesn’t always flow the way you expected it to when looking in the actual browser. This can leave those not knowing HTML frustrated when they try to get text and images to appear the way they want.
  3. Customization of a theme can be costly – If the website was built upon a theme and you decide that you want to make major changes to it, it may be time consuming to have a programmer make changes to the layout of the theme. Every theme is programmed differently and therefore the programmer must first familiarize themselves with the way each individual theme was programmed before making the changes.

Steps to install woocommerce plugin wordpress:

  • To get started with WooCommerce, navigate to your WordPress Dashboard and Add New Plugin. Search for WooCommerce, and simply install and activate WooCommerce by WooThemes.           1.wcinstall


  • After activating your plugin, you will be prompted to Install WooCommerce with a wizard to take care of the initial settings.


  • WooCommerce needs several pages to function – including a Cart page, etc. There is one page, the Shop page, that you may want to customize. But for now, you can let the wizard install these pages.WC
  • You will then need to set your location, units and currency.



  • for Shipping & Tax. You can change or customize this later in the Settings.



  • Then you’ll need to enter Payments. Payments are the trickiest part of running your own store. I recommend entering PayPal so that you have something to start. You can explore other options in the settings as needed.WC
  • Now that WooCommerce is installed – you can go learn more about the product, head to a New Product page or return to WordPress Dashboard.

Need to setup adding product in online store:

  • One huge benefit of WordPress + WooCommerce is efficient setup of permalinks ie, “permanent links.” Online stores often have a thousand ways plus one to display products.
  • It can generate really inefficient, ugly, and search engine unfriendly URLs for your products and product categories.wc
  • Once you set up a permalink structure, it’s difficult to change.To start, go to the new WooCommerce link on your Dashboard –> WooCommerce –> Settings –> Products –> AddNew.blog
  • fill details of a product like product name,price,image..etc


Author: Venkata Saikumar Bitta

Web Developer